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Healthy Living

Healthy Living: Protecting Your Kidney Health

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Healthy Living in UtahAccording to The National Kidney Foundation, about 26 million American adults suffer from chronic kidney disease (CKD). Health industry authorities expect this number to increase if Americans do nothing about risk prevention and kidney health protection. Moreover, it is possible to lose up to 90% of overall kidney function before experiencing any CKD symptom.

If you want to lower your chances of developing CKD, the best thing you can do is to look after your kidneys and keep them in good condition. Learn about lifestyle recommendations for healthy kidneys.

Here are some of them:

Drink More Water

Water filter providers in Utah note that water helps your kidneys remove waste through urine. It is also best for avoiding dehydration and keeping your excretory system healthy. For an unlimited access to fresh and clean water, use a water filter or water purifier. Kinetico Utah is among the recommended suppliers of water purifiers and softeners in Salt Lake City, Utah County, and Park City.

Maintain Your Ideal Weight

Carrying an extra weight increases your blood pressure, which puts an additional strain on your kidneys. Maintain the ideal weight by eating balanced meals and exercising regularly. Calculate your body mass index to give you an idea of the ideal weight for your height.

Avoid Smoking or Drinking Alcohol

Excessive cigarette smoking and drinking alcohol make it harder for your kidneys to remove toxins in your blood. Smoking and drinking also have a correlation with CKD, especially those with hypertension, diabetes, and obesity.

Choose Healthy Food

Be wise about your food choices to get all the vitamins and minerals your body needs. Include fruits, vegetable, grains, and lean protein in your daily diet. Avoid eating fatty and sugary foods. Limit your salt intake by taking it easy on condiments like mustard and mayonnaise.

Monitor Your Blood Pressure

High blood pressure increases your risk for kidney problem. Monitor it regularly to remain in the healthy zone. If it is higher than the normal reading, consult your doctor for lifestyle changes.

Keep your kidneys healthy with these suggestions. Be sure to increase your fluid intake to promote better kidney function and overall health.

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