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Invisalign Braces

3 Ways to Keep Your Invisalign Invisible — Other Than Cleaning

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Invisalign BracesOf all the benefits of wearing Invisalign, the clearest of them all is its invisibility. The transparent nature of clear aligners is the very reasons they’re so attractive, according to Invisalign took the name; it’s its chief selling point. Without its invisible quality, it’s nothing but a thin mouth guard that aligns your crooked teeth the way they’re supposed to be.

As a wearer of clear aligners, keeping them clear should be at the centre of their care. Cleanliness would always be the prime logic behind brushing them, but never forget the fact that discolouring them in any way would defeat their purpose.

If you get Invisalign in Singapore, the UK or other places where it’s embraced, you can clean it with either a dental kit or an ordinary toothbrush. This would tremendously maintain its transparency, but several other ways could keep it stain-free without really sacrificing the lifestyle you love.

Remove Them

When it comes to eating, it’s obvious that certain types of food cause discoloration; fortunately, there’s no such thing as an Invisalign diet.

Unlike wearing metal braces, you can eat or drink whatever you fancy without compromising the integrity of clear aligners. It might need some getting used to, but you wouldn’t find trouble removing them during meals over time.


Generally, smoking bad for your overall health; but if you really can’t help it, the least you could do is to stain your Invisalign brown or yellow. Cigarettes are powerful discolouring agents that would make your clear aligners just aligners.

Again, you might need to get the hang of it in a while, but make sure to remove your aligners first before you puff, and wash your mouth with water before putting them back on.

Keep it Away from Mouthwash

Unless you gargle with a clear mouthwash, rinsing with your Invisalign is the last thing you want to do. Your dentist might advise you to use mouthwash for you proper oral hygiene, but soaking your clear aligners in it is unnecessary.

Living with your Invisalign might require some changes in your routine, but these are only simple adjustments you have to do to effectively keep your clear aligners clear.

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