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Wooden Barn Door

Household Hacks: Caring for Your Wooden Barn Doors Like a Pro

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Wooden Barn DoorOnce you’ve made the decision to install barn doors at home, you’ll realize just how advantageous they are. The doors make the house look contemporary or vintage, depending on how you situate them. What’s more, they serve as a barrier, a divider between two areas, or even as a piece of art. That said, they aren’t just unique; they are functional.

When you’re browsing through custom interior barn doors for your home, you’ll notice that a lot of them use wood as the main material. Read on for these household hacks if you want your wooden barn door to stay in tip top shape for years.

Clean the surface and the frame

Whether it’s your dog rubbing their muddy selves on the barn door or the everyday dust that collects on it, make sure to regularly wipe the surface as well as the door frame with a soft rag. If your wooden barn door has a glass inset, get dirt and dust off of it with your everyday glass cleaner. Meanwhile, use an all-purpose cleaner for cleaning the door pulls.

As for scratches on the surface, use a steel wool to scrape light ones and rub sandpaper on deeper ones.

Keep the hardware functioning

Even if you meticulously clean your wooden barn door’s surface and frame, it isn’t going to function smoothly if you neglect the hardware.

Polish the hardware using white or cider vinegar on a cloth. If the material is stainless steel, use a cleaning solution that is safe for the metal. Meanwhile, use oil to remove streaks and to make opening and closing the door smooth and quiet.

As an integral part of the home, your wooden barn doors experience knocks, bumps, and scuffs every single day of the year. To preserve the doors and keep them looking good, practice proper care and regular maintenance.

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