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Dent Removal in Lafayette

How a Small Ding or Dent Can Become a Big Problem

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Dent Removal in LafayetteEver returned your car in a parking lot only to discover a new dent or ding? Well, you are not alone, dings and dents happen, and they are part of owning a car. Still, they are frustrating, and they can even be the beginning of a bigger problem.

Here are two ways those seemingly small dings or dents can turn out to be big problems after all.

Dents and dings affect resale value

Car buyers, whether private buyers or car dealers, are concerned by both the mechanical condition and the exterior appearance of the vehicle. They are likely to offer you less if your vehicle is marred with dents or dings. Therefore, if your car has accumulated a few dents and dings over the years, you can expect to lose some dollars in depreciated value. In fact, just one or two seemingly small dents, dings, or paint scratches can be the difference between an appraiser grading your car “Good” or “Poor.”

Dents expose vehicles to rusting

If a dent has cracked the paint sealant on your vehicle, the dent can allow moisture to reach the car’s metal. Once moisture reaches the metal, corrosion and rust become inevitable. The rust will affect the car’s appearance and ultimately compromise the safety of the vehicle. Rust is also an expensive problem. Repainting and dent repair shops in Lafayette, such as can deal with such problems.

For most, only homes cost more than their cars. It, therefore, makes sense to protect your valuable assets. One way of taking care of your vehicle is to keep it dent-free. Park your car in a garage out of the elements and get professional help whenever your vehicle gets a dent or ding. Remember, that ding or dent may not appear like a big deal to you, but vehicle appraisers are some of the pickiest people.

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