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How Can Braces Help Improve Your Smile?

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Woman with bracesNobody wants to have crooked teeth. Some people would even try to hide their teeth at all costs, even if that meant not talking to a largeĀ group of people. Fortunately, crooked teeth can be easily fixed if you get braces in a South Jordan dental clinic.

Braces are not as uncomfortable and unsightly as they were a few years ago. Nowadays, they are very comfortable to wear, as well as stylish. You may even opt to wear invisible braces if you are too conscious about wearing the metal ones.

Here are the top three benefits of wearing braces:

Improved oral health

Having crooked or crowded teeth is more than just about appearance. In most cases, other oral health issues arise from misaligned teeth like tooth decay and gum disease because food bits are trapped in between the tight spaces created by crooked teeth.

Even if you diligently brush and floss every day, you may not be able to remove all these food particles successfully. Furthermore, flossing may also be a challenge because the floss may end up being stuck in between your teeth as well. In time, the debris left in your teeth will turn into plaque, increasing your risk of developing cavities.

Teeth protection

An irregular bite pattern often results in uneven wear of the teeth. This means that some teeth may be at risk of being worn at a more rapid rate, which can result in premature dental issues that may need repairs or even replacements.

Some patients may be more at risk of tooth damage than others, especially those with protruding front teeth who play contact sports. Braces can reduce the risk of damage by properly aligning the teeth.

Better smile

Braces can improve your smile by moving your teeth in their proper position. In many cases, improved confidence is also part of the benefits of having a beautiful smile. So no more hiding those pearly whites the next time you socialize with other people.

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