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a pool at night

Design Inspiration: Nighttime Lighting Ideas for Your Pool

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a pool at nightNo one can pinpoint why exactly, but nighttime swimming has an appealing charm to it. Many people enjoy swimming after dusk, seeing the pool in a different light.

You can keep this bonding activity safe for the whole family by adding lighting to your pool. Aside from getting metal pool fencing from for extra security, pool lighting can also be a way to prevent accidents.

Besides, your backyard will look more appealing with great lights, that everyone would want to hang out there every night. Fortunately, there are different designs of fixtures that you can choose from to complement your landscape décor.

Pool party lighting

Do keep in mind that you don’t necessarily have to set up the lighting in the water. For dinner parties, use lights to decorate your pool and highlight your yard’s landscape. Consider stringing lights around or over your pool to brighten the space and keep the party going. You can even go for Tiki lights, or waterproof floating LED lights to improve the overall vibe.

Color-changing pool lights

Get to enjoy the appearance of your pool in and out of the water by choosing color-changing pool lights. The majority of pool lighting kinds will have the option of changing colors. Try this function out during your nighttime swimming sessions for a more beautiful landscape.

LED pool lights

For those who prefer an environmentally friendly and long-lasting option, LED will be perfect for your pool lighting. LED lights can help you save on your electrical bill because it is energy efficient. You can even use these in both in-ground and above ground pools.

As you can surmise from the different designs above, pool lighting can truly change the function and look of the water. Pool lighting can make the entire atmosphere of your backyard cool and safe even at night.

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