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Men Experience Eating Disorders Too

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Man with eating disorderWhen people think about eating disorders such as anorexia, they usually think about women. According to the National Eating Disorders Association, around 20 million American women have had an eating disorder, but 10 million American men have also had an eating disorder. Men suffer from eating disorders too.

Recover: Undergo Treatment

For men who suffer from an eating disorder, you can remember that millions more like you suffer from bulimia, anorexia, or binge eating. In the same way that other men have beaten their disorders, you can conquer your disorder as well. You can take action towards recovery starting with eating disorders treatments.

Recover: Self-Therapy

Professional treatment at places like EDCare can immensely help you begin your road towards recovery. While you undergo treatment, you can practice self-therapy yourself to strengthen your will and focus on life instead of food, weight, and other related matters. One self-therapy practice you can do involves fighting against disorder urges and not acting upon them.

Fight or Do the Opposite

You can set little goals for yourself such as not acting on your urges for 5 minutes. Over time, you can fight for much more extended periods of time. Alternately, when you feel the urges, you can do the opposite of what your urges tell you. In this way, you keep power and control away from your disorder, and you claim the power and control for yourself.

Take Action in spite of Fear

Now, even when following the practices above, you will still encounter fear. Fear can easily be beaten, however, by embracing it and taking action anyway. Fear will always be there no matter how long you wait for it to leave. It will lose its power only when you take action for your life.

Keep Going

Ultimately, recovery involves difficulties and many slip-ups. Despite this, you can continue to fight. Take your time in recovery, one day at a time. Tomorrow will always bring a new chance for you to achieve success.

Men experience eating disorders in the same way that women do, and they also can conquer. With treatment and the practices above, you can overcome.

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