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How Can Steam Store Give So Many Discounts All the Time?

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Kid Playing Video GamesIt’s no surprise that Steam, one of the most successful eCommerce platforms, is in the video game industry. It helps that Valve created the software, one of the very few game developers that the public loves. They serve the majority of PC gamers, the largest gaming community in the world, and they give discounts all the time. More than that, they offer discounts on every major holiday on top of their seasonal sales.

So, how could they possibly do it? If a regular retailer, such as a department store, did this, they wouldn’t be able to set a profit trend or even have consistent profit at all.

Colossal Customer Base

Saying that the brand of Valve helps the popularity of Steam is an understatement. Having created one of the most beloved PC games of all time, they were always going to start on the right foot. With a pool of 125 million active users, they’re going to hit sales targets in no time. Once they cross that threshold, they will rake in pure profit.

Very few companies enjoy this kind of popularity, so to ensure that your business is in top shape, entities like PriceManager can help you. They can track prices, monitor your competitors, and perform a host of tasks to help you get the edge.

Unparalleled Honesty

When they unveiled the Honest Reviews program, they brought big developers back to earth and playing on the same terms as indie developers. Nobody can use modified screenshots or use edited samples to advertise their product.

Everyone should follow suit because the market for all things is becoming more customer-centric. The more you cater to their needs, you become a more popular eCommerce site.

They Really Mean “Discount”

AAA games are the most expensive kind, much like the exclusive pairs of shoes, pants or jackets on the top shelf to preserve their quality. Buyers never expect these products to never be on sale, ever, but Steam believes otherwise. They may not keep the biggest games on sale all the time, but when they do, it’s half priced or more. This kind of behavior makes them attractive to both developers and customers.

If you have a clear business principle, it will be easier to achieve your goals. Steam is a model, so learn from their best moves and failures to be better than the competition.

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