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Refunds for Repairs: Apple Will Reimburse iMac Hinge Repair Costs

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iMac in LondonThe American multinational technology company just announced that they are ready to provide iMac users with their refund. Apple admitted that the old models had faulty display hinges, which is why the screen kept tilting forward. If you ever visited an Apple Mac repair service in London to repair yours, then you can get your expenses reimbursed.

The Admission

Based on a new internal service file, Apple will be providing reimbursements to clients who paid to replace or repair their faulty iMac hinge. The service file stated that the company acknowledged that some of their 27-inch iMac models released between December 2012 and July 2014 had faulty hinges. They added that they were unaware that the display hinges were unable to hold the screen’s weight.

This is why it is impossible to adjust the screen as it keeps tilting forward. Apple forwarded the internal service file to its authorised service providers before MacRumors said that Apple would replace the faulty spring mechanism on every qualified iMac model. Around September this year, Apple extended its hinge repair warranty program covering 2012 and 2013 iMac models for five years, which is more than its original three-year period.

The Process

If your 27-inch iMac experienced this problem and you paid for a repair or replacement, you are qualified for the reimbursement. You may get in touch with Apple online or by phone to begin the refund process.

Moreover, if the hinge of your iMac is broken, the company can replace it free of charge. You can begin the process by visiting an Apple authorised service provider or booking an appointment with the Genius Bar at an Apple Store.

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