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How to Make Your Kids Eat More Vegetables and Love it

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VegetablesFew people are born with a tooth for vegetables. Even though adults can stay resolved and make the decision to love their vegetables, making your kids eat their fair share could be a nightmare. Here are some simple ways that will help you increase the amount of vegetables your little ones eat without being labelled a meanie.

Stick to Fresh Interesting Vegetables

Get fresh fruit and veg suppliers who give you a variety of options. Fresh means that they’ll still have their irresistible succulent taste while the variety will give your kids something to look forward to, notes an expert from Simon George & Sons. Breaking the monotony and serving different vegetables will play with their taste buds whilst still meeting their nutritional needs.

Lead by Example

Children tend to emulate what their elders do. Ensuring that all the big people in your household show a hankering for vegetables will make your children warm up to every veg serving you dish out. Make it seem like the norm rather than a bother they have to put up with.

Don’t Use Force

Forcing your children to eat their vegetables will just create a negative food experience, the opposite of what you wish to achieve. The one bite rule ensures that the child tastes each vegetable or fruit and has the freedom to choose if they like it or not.

Make Vegetables Fun

Adding some flavour to the vegetables or mixing them up with different fruits or berries will make things more fun. This is especially true if you let your kids prepare the salads and serve them all by themselves. The sense of achievement could drive them into eating more.

Vegetables and fruits are a great source of vitamins and antioxidants. Teaching your kids to love vegetables at an early stage will give them the foundation they need to live strong healthy lives.

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