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Why You Should Rent in Wellington Point

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Renting in Wellington Point
First-time buyers made up only 10.2% of the total home loans granted in May 2016, as more people struggle to afford the expense of a new home. Renting is becoming an increasingly attractive alternative.

Those looking to move into their own home are choosing to rent as more turn away from the tradition of getting a mortgage.  Mortgage lending has dipped to the lowest level it has ever been in the last decade due to higher house prices and banks clamping down on lending as they fear a housing bubble. Some potential home buyers wonder why they should be saddled with a 20 or 30-year mortgage and whether they want this to be part of their ‘Australian dream’.

Renting is the Smart Alternative

Renting provides the smarter alternative.  You don’t have to borrow from your bank at all or struggle to come up with thousands to cover a percentage of the purchase.  You aren’t tied to the property so when the lease has ended, you are free to move.  Renting also has the added advantage that the household repairs are the responsibility of the landlord so if your boiler breaks down or you’ve got a leaky roof, they will organise a repair and pay for it.  They also have to make sure that regular gas safety checks are carried out and maintain any gas appliances that are on the property.

Houses to Rent in Wellington Point

Pat Barrett Realty notes that there are a number of beautiful houses for rent in the Wellington Point area and the surrounding Redlands area.

Wellington Point – On the very tip of a peninsula, Wellington Point is a picturesque suburb with a seaside village feel.  Residents enjoy its sandy beaches and there are plenty of water sports on offer such as windsurfing, jetskiing and fishing since it is surrounded by water. It also boasts several heritage-listed sites including Whepstead Manor, a wealthy landowners home, constructed in 1889.
There is a precinct with restaurants and cafes and regular evening markets in the town centre.

For more information about Wellington Point, Redlands and the houses for rent here, just call the friendly team of real estate agents.

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