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granny flat

Huge mistakes in Kit Granny flats Project and How to Stay Away from them

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granny flatFor any kind of building construction, it is always advisable to hire the right company and follow all the specifications and laws in Australia. This is true for granny flats too. Picking the correct builder in Perth will ensure good quality construction of the kit homes and timely completion as well.

It will also help you make sure that you do not fall prey to the common mistakes people tend to commit during the construction of such projects. Some of these mistakes are costly and should always be avoided.

If you stick to the following procedure, you’ll see that many pitfalls are preventable.

  • Survey – Have the contractors conduct a thorough site survey of your land where the construction will take place. They will have all the relevant information to compute the costs correctly for your granny flats Perth. If this does not happen before the work begins, you might end up paying for tasks you do not need, such as stabilising the yard soil or protecting it from termite infestation. When the contractor provides the quotation, understand all that it includes before committing to it.
  • Read – Read the contents of the contract thoroughly before signing the documents. Do not assume anything; ask questions if you do not follow the legal terms correctly. It’s your hard earned money that is going into the project and you have the right to question everything there before you agree. Do not sign any document in your excitement without first reading and understanding them.
  • Plan before signing, not after – Any construction project always has some issues. So it is important to plan well for all the stages of the design and construction, both in terms of money and time. After you have understood all the factors involved, then consult a building contractor. This preparation will help you face issues ahead and come up with solutions. If you sign the contract before you think the process through, you might be in for unpleasant and costly surprises.

Plan and design the granny flat you want, obtain all the necessary permits, then approach the contractor. Get accurate quotes from several contractors so you have choices.

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