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Can You Afford Not To Use a Compliance Consultant?

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reliable consultantRemaining compliant in financial services can be an onerous responsibility. Along with operating your business profitably, you also need to comply with a myriad of rules.

At least once every four years, you will be inspected by the regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority. Here, using an external compliance consultant can be vital. Do you feel that your firm lacks the competence, experience or resources to carry out compliance tasks in-house? Even if you do feel confident, the opinion of an independent third party can be very valuable.

Also, consider how the compliance environment is constantly changing. RDR, MMR, FCA credit regulation and payday loan price caps are just some of the recent changes. It all makes for a potentially confusing alphabet soup of developments. It can be very difficult to both run your business and keep up to date with all of these changes and what they mean. All these make it even more necessary to contact a compliance consultant who can identify regulatory developments that affect your firm. They can advise you on the changes you need to implement.

If you believe you would benefit from the assistance of an expert compliance consultant, then call one of the most trusted in the industry.

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