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Home Shutters

Shutter Hardware: Great Accessory for Home Shutters

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Home ShuttersShutter doors over and above the entrance to your home have two purposes: aesthetics and function. Shutter doors not only add an element of beauty to your home, but they also provide added insulation that indirectly, but significantly,work towards reducing your energy bills round the year.

Earlier, the idea behind installing shutter doors was purely functional. Today, they also serve as a beauty element, and people pay great attention to using the right outdoor shutter.

Exterior Shutter Hardware

Exterior shutter hardware constitutes the stuff that controls the opening and closing of the shutter door. Nowadays, these pieces are available in a wide array of shapes and styles, or else customised to fit individual needs. The designs of exterior shutters today range from the most traditional to the most contemporary, depending on how you would it to complement or accentuate the design of your home.

Types of Exterior Shutter Hardware

Normally, exterior, affordable shutters consist of wrought iron, aluminium alloy or stainless steel. The last two are long lasting. The design of the hardware differs, though. Some different types of outdoor shuttersto choose are:

  • Surface-mounted, installed on the back of the shutters.
  • Edge-mounted, installed on the edge of the shutter that lies closest to the door.
  • Inside mount,shutters that sit within the doorframe.
  • Overlap mounts, which covers the doorframe.
Choosing the Exterior Shutter Hardware

Among the many types of outdoor shutter, the one you choose will depend on two things:

  • The building material around the door opening, which would lead to a decision between a surface- or edge-mounted hardware.
  • The building material in the area that you will mount the shutter on,so you can decide whether you would install it inside or as an overlap.

It is best to call in the professionals who can help you choose the right type of outdoor shutter and even help you with the installation. Call in the experts and improve privacy, security, insulation and light control in your home.

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