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Impress Your Wedding Guests with These Budget-friendly Suggestions

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Here’s the lowdown: the average wedding costs almost $40,000. Couples spend thousands of dollars on the wedding rings, ceremony and reception, honeymoon, food, invitations, flowers, and music. It’s scary to think about the cost of getting married in this social media world we are living in. We’re influenced and, at some point, forced to have a grand wedding because, honestly, “what would our Instagram followers say?”

That’s why the wedding industry is booming. Excellent luxury wedding planners in London and other cities are talking about the huge amount of money couples are spending to impress their guests. A $5,000 wedding cake? Sure! A feast fit for a king? Yes, why not?

Fortunately, there is a way for you to have a luxurious wedding and impress your guests without going bankrupt. All you need is a bit of ingenuity and research. By identifying what you need and what you hope to achieve, you can create a perfect experience for your guests. Since everyone’s living in this social media world, impressing your guests has been one of the most important components of any wedding.

Creating an Experience

You have to make your guests feel welcome, appreciated, considered, and entertained. These are the key elements of designing a wedding that caters to impressing guests. They need to be immersed in the experience—from the moment they enter the venue to the time they say their goodbyes.

There are two things that you need to remember if you want to impress your guests: details and organization. A well-organized wedding will never confuse the guests. They will know where to leave their cars, what cocktail drinks to order, and where to seat. They won’t go around your wedding venue looking confused and dazed.

Put yourself in your guests’ shoes. What are you going to expect from a wedding when you’re a guest? The details count, don’t they? Tiny things such as thank-you notes on the dining tables and personalized menu cards will go a long way. If you have the time, make sure to sign these notes yourself.

Being Considerate

wedding guests

You and your partner are going to stay and have your photo shoot done. That’s important so that your photographer can capture you in your wedding ceremony glory. Meanwhile, your guests are going to be in the reception area, waiting for the ushers to open the hall and welcome them. Be considerate. Never underestimate the patience of your guests.

If you’re going to make them wait in the reception hall, make sure that they have drinks and canapes. Have waiters go around and ask the guests what they prefer to drink. Make sure that there are trays of hors d ‘oeuvres for your guests to munch on.

Knowing That Everything Is Important

Should you scrimp on the canapes and splash out on the main course? Many couples think that they can do away with cheap wines and delicious food, for example. Your guests are going to talk about every tiny detail of your wedding—from your hair to your shoes and from your cocktail drinks to your wedding video.

If you want to impress your guests, you will find the right wedding supplier that fits your budget. You may even do some of the elements yourself—or ask a friend or relative for help—so that you can use the money you’ll save on food and drinks. You need to think out of the box.

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