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Keeping Abreast of Google Updates to Prevent Rank Damage

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Keeping up with Google Updates to Prevent Rank DamageIn the past, most of the algorithmic changes that Google rolled out were for detection of sites using black hat SEO techniques. Nowadays, many things have changed and these updates now include a variety of factors, like having relevant and good content, Flesch readability, keyword use and placement, and social signals.

As the world of search engine optimization is quite complex, combined with the ever-evolving search engine rules and regulations, you might find it difficult to stay ahead of the competition. Twin Cities search engine optimization (SEO) firms, however, say that you can still prepare for whatever update or change is coming.

Keep in mind your goal: Retain good SERP rank

When you decide to use SEO, your goal involves remaining in compliance with changes or your website may end up having a low rank, receiving a penalty, or being banned. To do this, you have to overcome all updates and many more challenges. Retaining good SERP ranking is important so more visitors would come to your site. Being on the second or third page is good, but will unlikely help you with your goal.

Experienced SEO specialists are always ahead of the game, so you can trust them for advice, especially when rumors about new major algorithmic changes fly left and right.

Social media assets and their correlation with SERP ranking

A few years ago, websites had to stay active when it comes to their social media sites to remain in compliance with Google’s regulations. With today’s new rules, this is no longer sufficient to keep your good SERP rank. You now also have to consider how shareable and likeable your posts, tweets, and updates are.

There are many other things to consider to keep a high SERP ranking, and with the guidance of an SEO expert, you can increase your chances of achieving this goal.

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