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Kayaking in Alaska

Activities to Do on Your Vacation in Alaska

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Kayaking in AlaskaAlaska has captivating attractions ranging from natural to man-made features. Take advantage of guided tours to discover both the mild and wild sides of Alaska. While at it, here are fun activities that you should try.

Glacier cruise

View incredible Alaska on a glacier cruise. From tidewater glaciers, waterfalls, calm and pristine waters, the panorama is staggering. The landscape is just a part of the spectacular features to see because you will also find wildlife such as bears taking a stroll.


If fishing is your sport, you will not be disappointed. You can choose to indulge in saltwater or freshwater fishing or try fly-fishing.

Arts and Culture

Experience Alaska’s rich cultural heritage by visiting a heritage center. Here you will find live shows and dances and get to learn about the traditions of native people in Alaska. In the museums, you will find artifacts crafted by the Eskimos.


Show off your adventurous side by taking a kayaking tour. Kayaking gives you the advantage of watching marine animals such as a whale tossing itself in the water or seeing sea lions, fish, seals, and otters up close.

With kayaking, you get to venture where cruise ships cannot. Above & Beyond Alaska, LLC says that if you’re not a pro at kayaking, don’t worry as there are beginner kayaking lessons in Alaska.


Get to experience Alaska by taking a hike in the wild. With nature trails ranging from easy trails to more physically demanding mountain treks, you have many choices. These trails are suitable for walkers, cyclers, and joggers.

Fly over mountains

Get to see mountain peaks and glaciers that have not been touched by human feet by taking a flight tour. In the comfort of your plane, you will fly over scenery that cannot be accessed while on the ground such as mountains, waterfalls, among other beauties.

Every place on earth has something to show, and Alaska is no exception. With countless attraction sites, your stay in Alaska will be memorable.

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