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Keeping Split Ends Under Control

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Woman with Split EndsSplit ends can make your entire hairstyle look dull. As the ends of your locks are also frayed and brittle, you may wonder if you can grow your tresses long and healthy. The good news is, a few little tweaks on your hair care regimen can keep those dry ends under control.

Cut the Ends

Salons in Denver Colorado note that getting a trim is the only way to get rid of split ends. Be sure to let the pros cut your hair, as the wrong tools like kitchen and craft scissors are not designed to trim your tresses. The sad part is, dull blades on the wrong tools can wear out the hair and cause more brittle ends.

 Limit Heat

Frequent or over styling can cause severe damage to your locks. While you don’t need to throw your styling tools, you have to limit the amount of heat your hair is exposed to. If possible, let your tresses air dry or avoid curling or straightening every day. The same also applies when washing your hair; it is best to use cool water.

Wash Properly

The way you wash and condition your hair affects how your tresses will look. When shampooing, be sure to massage the roots of your hair. After doing so, apply conditioner and don’t forget to lather the ends of your locks. Let the hair product sit for a few minutes and rinse thoroughly. Avoid applying the conditioner directly on the roots, as it makes your hair look oily faster.

Consider Hair Mask

This is one good way to moisturize your hair and avoid split ends. You can buy hair mask products and use it every few weeks to improve the condition of your tresses. Quality hair masks can help rejuvenate and make your hair softer. You can also visit a salon for treatments in repairing your hair and bringing back its shine.

Apart from these tips, be sure to take it easy when tying your hair. The hair tie you use matters and affects the health of your locks. Tight and rough rubber bands can cause breakage and result in more split ends. Use softer ties to avoid putting too much pressure in your precious hair.

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