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Benefits of Owning Concrete Block Homes

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Man building a concrete homeHomes built with concrete in Australia come in different forms, which include insulation, panel systems, cement blocks and removable structures. With new designs similar to the wood framed wall houses, concrete has become even more popular with homeowners who value the real protection of their families. Here are some of the compelling benefits that come with homes made from this versatile material:

Ensures safety

As observed by local construction supplier Home Direct, they noticed customers from Fraser Coast are turning towards concrete block homes. In case of a fire, concrete houses will be resistant to it and prevent it from spreading fast. They can withstand intense fire up to 2,000 degrees and for more than four hours without structural failure. It is the most advisable type of home according to insurance companies. Apart from fire and high winds, it’s also safe from moulds and termites that tear down the wood framed wall houses.

Less repair and maintenance costs

When you walk around your neighbourhood, you may see some concrete block homes that have lasted for decades or centuries. The walls are non-biodegradable; hence, they are not vulnerable to rot and insects as the wood framed ones. In this case, there will be less or no maintenance costs incurred on them. Although they may cost more to build in the long run, you will enjoy the benefits of having fewer utility costs.

Environmentally friendly

A big wood framed wall house can consume approximately 30 trees to construct. At the end of the day, it beats the enormous efforts of conserving our forests. A concrete block home on the other hand just needs some wood products for the interior framing. They are also built from recyclable resources. You will also be able to save on high energy bills for heating since they are warm hence preserving some environmental resources.

If you are a potential homeowner and the factors above apply to you, choose a concrete home without hesitation. You can get the best construction supplies in Australia by contacting a dealer near you. Find a dealer that will support you throughout the project and even later maintenance.

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