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Legos Give Life to Miniature Model of Iconic Minneapolis Bar

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A pile of plastic toys They say old habits die hard. For Minneapolis-based Jeff Esler, that habit represented 1,000 Lego pieces. The 50-year-old used the well-known toy blocks to create a tiny version of the Nye’s Polonaise Room in the city.

Iconic Bar

Esler’s miniature model of the iconic bar and restaurant serves as an accurate depiction of what was once a bustling recreational place in the city. Sadly, the Nye’s Polonaise Room had to be demolished in 2016

Still, Esler found a chance to pay tribute to the place that gave him a place to unwind on certain days. Most especially, the bar held a memorable event in his life as it was the place where he met his wife. It took him several trips to the Lego Store at the Mall of America to get the right pieces for his model, as well as placing numerous bids on eBay for pieces that were hard to find at retail stores.

At least two buyers showed interest for the Lego creation, yet Esler remains undecided what to do with it.

More Ideas

Esler said that he’s exploring the idea of creating other landmark structures in the Twin Cities, where housing construction occurred at the fastest pace in the last 10 years.

For the real thing, some companies can build and design structures based on your preferences, including homes. While using Legos to construct houses isn’t possible, custom home builders in Minneapolis like can deliver properties that are unique to each person’s taste.

And who knows, maybe in the next decade or so, people can use toy blocks to build structurally sound homes. Since technology continues to advance, that doesn’t seem to be an impossible task.


It sometimes takes creativity to improve how we do things that often require the usual procedures. If you have 1,000 pieces of Legos, what would you create?

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