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Water leak

Leak Detection Services in Perth – Prioritizing What Matters Most

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Water leakAccording to a recent industry survey, water leakage is the second most harmful source of damage to property, next only to fire. The statistical data also suggest that if not taken care of in due time, the more devastating the damage and more expensive.

This is why leak detection services focus on identifying the root cause of the problem because they know that the longer a leak source is undetected, the more havoc it causes to the property.

Importance of Leak Detection

Severe damage to property can ensue if the source of leak detection remains undiscovered. Detecting the source of the leak can be difficult, time consuming and prone to errors. Perina Plumbing cites instances that sometimes when they detect a leak, there may be other unfound leaks, and the problem of water loss remains. This results to loss of revenue, added costs and disruption of operations for commercial establishments. Finding the source of the leak the first time is crucial so the company can minimise disruption to operations.

Promptly identifying the source of the leak leads to lesser devaluation of the property.

Methods of Leak Detection

Leak detection services have a number of methods that they use to weed out the source of the underlying problem in a typical home or commercial establishment. The methods range from the conventional dig-and-drill approach to meter-based analogue detection and sophisticated infrared thermography methods. Among these, the latest and most sophisticated is infrared thermography technology.

Detecting the source of the problem keeps the building’s integrity so that it serves its owners longer.

Detecting the source of a leak is not for novices to handle. It requires sophisticated equipment, training and experience to perform the job right, the first time. Spare yourself the headache by choosing the right leak detection services to handle your problem.

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