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SEO process

SEO Mistakes to Avoid

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SEO processRaising the buying public’s awareness to business is one of the biggest goals that business owners need to accomplish. It takes a great deal of work to do so. More than raising awareness, though, you need to affect them enough to do business with you for you to make conversions.

With the last quarter of 2014 firmly underway, it is vital to update your strategies and do away with outdated SEO as the year comes to a close and a new one begins. There are a few mistakes every Brisbane SEO company should need to do away with before the year ends.

Inadequate Link Building

Inbound linking is one of the most important factors you need to focus on if you want to make the most of Google’s ranking algorithm.

Improper Keyword Use

Keyword stuffing was, and will always remain unacceptable practice. It filled sites with a flood of nonsensical content that prompted Google to come up with Panda and just to penalise brands that use such a manipulative tactic. Make sure you have good quality content, and not merely a hodgepodge of keywords piled atop one another.

Not Measuring

With so many free tools that are available, it has become increasingly possible to measure the effectiveness of all your efforts. Even if you exert so much effort, you will not see positive rankings if your methods are ineffective.

Not Focusing on Conversion

E-commerce is all about conversion. Campaigns tend to focus primarily on traffic increase. While it does do good to have large volumes of traffic, it is still useless if it does not convert.


There is virtually no way to predict what will happen in the coming year. What is sure, though, is that you need to stop making these mistakes now instead of bringing them over into 2015.

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