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Legal Ways You Can Earn Money While Traveling

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If you love traveling, probably one of the reasons keeping you from booking that flight is money. Traveling can be extremely cheap or expensive. It mostly depends on your travel style but also on your destinations. In particular countries, it is impossible to go around on a budget.

But if you have the skills that you can take anywhere with you, you can choose to be a global worker. That way you can earn money while you travel around your dream destinations. Just make sure you are not breaking any rules when you do this.


One tool in budget traveling is showcasing your talent in exchange for some bucks, or whatever they call their money where you are. Busking and street performing are proven ways to cover some of your travel expenses. Other travelers do it, too, and for the same reasons.

Plus, busking is an awesome adventure in itself. Not everyone has the courage to do it. What stops most is the fear of judgment. However, traveling is all about exploring new experiences. Let go of the fear and start doing it.

You can start by frequenting spots where buskers usually play. Just observe them for a while and familiarize yourself with what they do. You actually don’t need to have an instrument. If you are musically gifted or just creative, there are tons of ways you can make music without the proper instruments.

ESL teaching

If you speak English, there are many opportunities for you. Especially in non-English-speaking countries. However, due to some cultural nuances, people in other countries may prefer certain races when they choose who to learn from.

Of course, there is an issue with work permits. You are most likely on a tourist visa, but you can legally teach English if you work remotely. There’s tuition agency and platforms for freelance language teachers where you get to teach people from other county using the Internet. You may be charged by the site with a commission fee, but it is minimal most of the time. Aside from English, there are surely people interested to learn other languages. Take advantage of that.



Another remote work is writing. Again, sign up on freelancing websites to get clients for your writing gigs. It helps if you have prior experience. If not, don’t worry. Just send them a sample write-up to show them your writing style.

You can write content for websites or scripts for YouTube channels. You can look for specific clients who are looking for something that you are experienced with. Since you are into traveling, why not write scripts for a YouTube channel that features travel destinations?

Working for your accommodation

There are hostels and other budget accommodations that will let you stay for free. That is in exchange for some labor. You can paint their walls for them or make a mural if you are good with art. You can help at the front desk for certain hours when you don’t have travel plans for the day. You can also help fix some house hobs if you are a handyman.

When looking for a place to stay, consider this option so you can save. A bulk of travel expenses go to lodging so be wise about it.


If you have the gift of knowledge in many languages, you may work as an interpreter. It may be hard to do it freelance-style, so try tour agencies. They may need an interpreter for groups of people and you may arrange to work for them for certain hours in a day. A plus is you get to tour around the touristy places.


You may have brought your prized camera on your travel. People want to document their best adventures. Why not sell that experience? This is something you can do on your own. You may approach travelers. But an efficient way to do this is to cater to solo travelers.

Join a Facebook group for solo travelers. Post an announcement that you will be in this place around this time. Add that if they need a photographer, they may book your service. This is also a great way to find friends.

Well, before you start packing your things, you should take with you some stuff from home if you plan to travel for a long time. Bring your favorite single-origin coffee grounds or your favorite spice you won’t find in the country you are visiting. They can save you from potential homesickness. At the same time, you can share a piece of home with people you will be meeting on your journey.

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