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Let it Burn: Blue Fire is the Healthy Gas Flame

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blue flameThere is a scientific explanation why healthy gas flames will always be blue in colour. This hue indicates complete combustion, which means that your cooktop is working as it should, and that you are not wasting gas or money. Blue flames come from hot and complete burning of air and fuel.

If the flame, however, turns yellow or orange and stays that colour, this means that your cooktop is not working efficiently. This may indicate incomplete combustion, wasted fuel and a serious safety hazard. Gas line installation experts note that a change in the hue of flames comes from cooler spots where fuel is not completely burned.

Proper Burner Function

A blue flame is one sign of proper cooktop function and complete combustion. The combustion products are water vapour and carbon dioxide, which are both at non-toxic levels. If combustion is incomplete, however, some of the carbon dioxide will burn into carbon monoxide. An excessive amount of yellow or orange in your burner flame is an indication to call for a technician or a qualified gas engineer.

Issues With Other Flame Colours

If the flame is not consistently blue, this can cause a range of problems. It may leave black marks on the cooktop, a soot build-up can also occur, or worse you could experience Carbon Monoxide poisoning. A yellow or orange flame also means that the burner is not getting enough air for complete combustion of fuel.

Gas Poisoning

Make sure to look out for symptoms of Carbon Monoxide poisoning, which includes dizziness, headaches, nausea and loss of consciousness. Don’t forget to turn of the cooktop and shut the gas off at the meter. Moreover, open all windows and doors to get some fresh air.

It pays to accomplish simple maintenance tasks to avoid combustion problems. It is also important to keep your burner clean or wipeoff spills and stains on a daily basis to avoid flame discolouration or other problems in the future.

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