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Swimming Pool in Perth

Home Design 101: Four Upgrades to Make Your Pool Summer Ready

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Swimming Pool in PerthPlanning to give your pool a new, refreshing look for the coming summer season? There are many ways to improve its overall look, feel, and functionality. With a freshly upgraded pool, your family will have more reasons to look forward to diving into the cool waters this coming summer.

Here are some pool upgrade ideas for you:

Build a timber deck for outdoor relaxation

A nice timber deck is a great way to use the vacant space around your backyard pool. This should improve the overall functionality of the area as a place for relaxation. Think of placing large sun umbrellas and outdoor wicker furniture for added comfort.

Use glass enclosure; ditch the metal fences

Replace your old metal railings with glass fencing. Glass is a popular choice for pool fencing, Perth professionals explain. This gives homes a sleek and sophisticated look. The best thing about this upgrade is you do not sacrifice the security of your sneaky little children. Glass can be as safe as heavy metal fences. It can actually be much better, as it does not hinder views of your outdoor space.

Add interesting water features

Give your pool a resort-like feel by installing new water features. You can choose from hydrotherapy features, cascading waterfalls, mist sprayers, and fountain bubblers. If you have a budget, you might as well think of having an outdoor Jacuzzi in one corner. Consult qualified contractors, as pool upgrades must follow strict local regulations and industry standards.

Give it a more tropical feel

Think of surrounding your pool with landscaped gardens. This should be a good idea if you want to give it a more natural and tropical feel. Choose from different outdoor plants – from various small greens to bigger palm trees. You’re not just beautifying your pool; you’re also giving it a cooler ambience and shade.

The key to a successful upgrade is to maintain the balance between your pool’s aesthetics and function. Consult certified suppliers and contractors to make the right decision.

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