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Reception Venue

The Wedding is On: Find the Best Brisbane Reception Venue

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Reception VenueDespite the fast-paced lifestyle, having a reception for your wedding ceremony is still considered an integral part of the event. Whether you hold the wedding and the reception in the same place or not, for a magical celebration, choose the perfect venue. Here are three factors that will help you decide which Brisbane venue is best for your needs.

Reputation and Experience

Check online for your chosen venue’s customer feedback and testimonials. See how they are graded by former clients on their own wedding reception experience. You may have heard of good reviews through word-of-mouth, but additional research will make your decision-making a little easier.

Security and Service

Even if money is not an issue because you intend to splurge, you still need to be sure that everything is worth the price you will pay for. Take note of how secure the venue is and its possible emergency contingencies to be sure of your guests’ safety. See what additional services the venue provider offers. You’ll need to decide on the wedding reception timeline to see if you need certain services, of course.

Size and Layout

How big is the crowd? For weddings with a long guest list, find a venue that will fit everyone, and then some. Have extra room in your venue, if you have some activities that may require extra space.

Sometimes the layout of the venue, along with good table arrangements, can solve space problems. However, it’s still better to deal with vacant space than insufficient seating. Laruche, a Brisbane company offering venue hire, recommends an open plan layout to give guests the opportunity to mingle.

You can usually work around other elements, such as menu items, length of the event and payment packages. Think about these factors so you can make your choice for that memorable reception. Good luck on your search and on the wedding!

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