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Little Shoes for Little Feet

Little Shoes for Little Feet: Moccasins for your Toddler

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Little Shoes for Little FeetYour toddler’s tiny pair of feet calls for a tiny pair of shoes. Rather than browse shops for expensive footwear, choose from the wide selection of moccasins. Learning about the advantages of moccasins will teach you the right qualities of a perfect pair.

The Origin of Moccasins

Moccasins originated from Native Americans who used this particular footwear. They first created this footwear style from brown animal fur or plant thread securing their footing on coarse ground. During that period, both adults and children wore moccasins to protect their feet from dirt. The early moccasins bore unique styles, complete with beads and tassels.

Which Shoe Fits

Babies must have shoes once they learn how to walk. Their little feet need protection. When they start walking, you have to make sure their feet are protected whenever you take them outside.

Tight footwear is not ideal until they have reached 21 months. The perfect space on the front part of the shoe is around one centimeter to ½ inch. On the other hand, the soles should give enough grip because babies will easily trip or slip. Also, avoid flip-flops that offer no particular hold, and which make children more prone to toe wounds.

You must also monitor your baby’s feet size every month and expect that the first shoes that you buy are good for only two to three months. A flexible moccasin shoe with a broad top spot is recommended to fit their large feet and tiny, plump toe area. When they reach a certain age, you might need softer and lighter toddler moccasins.

The Advantages of Moccasins

Though you may let your baby walk inside the house without any shoes to gain proper footing and balance, he needs protection outside. The leather in moccasins secures your baby more while soothing his feet with flexible and slim soles, giving him more control on slippery areas.

Likewise, your baby will have no problem walking around in this light type of shoes due to the toughness that suits his level of activity.

With moccasins, your little one can walk at daycare or at the playground without you worrying for his tiny feet. Let your tiny tot discover the joy of walking with a pair of adorable moccasins now.

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