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Jewelry Items

Trinkets, Baubles, and Trifles: Jewelry Items Every Woman Should Have in Her Collection

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Jewelry ItemsWhile it’s nice to have a jewelry box filled with fancy pieces, chances are you won’t ever get to wear all of them. Perhaps, you can’t even remember that you have them unless you scour through your things.

No matter how many bold pieces you have in your collection, it’s still best to find a well-curated collection of bracelets, necklaces, and rings. Simply focus on your favorite metals and add some statement-worthy pieces from a wholesale jeweler in Salt Lake City, like, that you can wear to give your simple LBDs, t-shirts, and jeans a whole new appeal.

Here are some of the items you should have in your jewelry box:

1. A Dainty Necklace

Every lady needs a piece of a delicate necklace that she can wear every single day, whether it’s with a plain shirt and skinny jeans or a nice little cocktail dress. This piece should give just enough sparkle to a simple look.

2. Statement Earrings

A pair of standout, jeweled earrings can turn an otherwise plain LBD into something extra glam. It can be either silver or gold, but you can also choose a pair with a pop of color to give your outfit a little boost. When you have these, you won’t have to worry about wearing other jewelry pieces.

3. A Cuff Bracelet

A sleek cuff bracelet can give your wrist a bit of an elegant touch. While it’s nice to have one art deco-inspired piece, you can also add some thinner bracelets on top to make it look more interesting.

4. Hoop Earrings

Feeling a little lazy? You can jazz up a top knot or a messy ponytail with a pair of thin gold hoops for an elegant office look.

5. Stackable Rings

Whether it’s a one-piece dress or a matching cropped top and skirt, a group of slim, stackable rings will make your outfit look extra chic. It gives you a feeling of being accessorized even when you’re not actually wearing a lot of pieces.

So, the next time you go shopping for jewelry pieces, be sure to put all these must-haves in your shopping cart.

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