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Locked Out

Locked Out: Should You Ever Try to Break Into Your Own Home?

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Locked OutImagine that you come back to your house and find out that you left your keys inside. This is one of the most embarrassing and frustrating problems a person can deal with, especially if it’s late at night and no one is home. When this happens, you might be tempted to simply force your way inside.

This is almost always a terrible idea, however, and for multiple reasons.

1. Consider the alternatives – Before doing anything rash, take a deep breath and think about what other options you might have. Trying to break in should be your last resort, and it is usually completely unnecessary.

• Even in the dead of the night or during an emergency, some locksmiths like will get to you in less than half an hour – which is usually faster than any amateur’s attempts at forced entry.

• Waiting for a family member to come home can be an option, especially if you can stay with a neighbor or friend until they get home.

• In an apartment complex or rented property, you might be able to simply call the landlord to let you in.

2. The risk of damage – Even experienced thieves don’t always get into properties smoothly and without causing damage. Repairing a broken window or door will cost you dearly, and it will make an already bad memory even worse. There is also a risk that you will injure yourself in the attempt, especially if you attempt to climb a wall or tree.

3. Disturbing the neighbors–Break-ins usually aren’t quiet, and there is a good chance that you will disturb or scare your neighbors. Someone may even call the police upon hearing the disturbance, which leads to the next problem.

4. Attracting law enforcement – As if getting locked out of your own home wasn’t bad enough, imagine getting arrested for it. You might recall this happening several years ago to a prominent Harvard professor, and there’s no guarantee that the same won’t happen to you.

Needless to say, breaking and entering should never be your first choice, due to how difficult, dangerous, and potentially expensive it is. Keep calm, and do something far more reasonable instead.

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