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offpage seo

Off-Page Optimization: A Primer

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offpage seoThe online marketplace is so competitive that if you want your site to sell well, it needs to rank at least in the top 5 or 10 of search engine results. To achieve this, search engine optimization specialists utilize off-page SEO as one of the measures that will make your site noticeable and thus gain higher relevance in results.

Here are the essential facts you need to learn about off-page SEO.

What is Off-Page SEO?

The term off-page SEO refers to methods done outside the website of the client, building a link library that links back to the website from other sources. Most people associate off-page SEO with the process of link-building, but the truth is it is more sophisticated than that.

Apart from building links to your site, The Perceptum Group clarifies that off-page SEO concerns itself with promotional strategies that allow the website to gain a better following and reputation online.

3 Main Components of Off-Page Search Engine Optimization

1. Link-building.
2. Use of Social Media for website promotion activities.
3. Use of social bookmarking.

Advantages of Using Off-Page SEO Methods

• Allows the client website to get better rankings in search engine results pages and consequently a more consistent online presence.
• Allows the website to garner a better Page Rank from zero to 10 – with 10 as the highest – and is an indicator of how relevant the site is for the search engine. In effect, higher page rank means higher relevance to search terms.
• Higher Exposure. A website that ranks higher in search results automatically gets better exposure as a result. Higher exposure means more chances that people will get to know the products and services on offer.

Link-Building in Off-Page SEO

Link-building without a doubt is the most popular strategy used in off-page SEO campaigns. The method entails the establishment of external links to your site.

Link-building is comparable to the number of “likes” like in social media. The more the people refer to your site, the more that the search engine sees it as an authority website, which will in turn let it rank higher in the results rankings.

There are two general methods for SEO: on-page and off-page optimization. The latter is easier, as it can just generate links that direct to your site, and helps immensely in the popularization of your brand.

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