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Types of Mattresses

Major Types of Mattresses

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Types of MattressesYou need your sleep. That is true in any situation, even when you are in the field or on vacation. Sleep is not something you should scrimp on, so you should get the best one for you even if it is just a caravan mattress for your occasional road trip. 

Here are the basic types of mattresses from


The most popular option for mattresses is the innerspring mattress. It uses open or covered coil springs for support. Enclosing the springs individually prevents it from poking out. The top portion of the mattress may be latex, pillow, or memory foam to make it comfortable. The optimal number of springs in a full-size mattress is 390.  This type of mattress is widely available for all budgets and is comfortable for most people. It is the ideal mattress for heavy people and those with back problems as the springs offer firmer support and make it easier to get out of bed.

Memory foam

Another option you might want to consider is the memory foam mattress. Several layers of foam with various densities designed to adjust to temperature and weight. It conforms to the body so it provides support to relieve pain and reduce pressure points. However, it absorbs body heat, so it can get uncomfortably hot. Some people report that they also have a distinctive chemical smell. You can work around these issues by putting a pillow topper.


One of the most expensive options, but also providing the most support, latex is a firm, rubber material. It is almost as comfortable as memory foam but does not yield as much. Some people find it a little too firm, however. The best compromise is to get a latex topper for more comfort.

Air-filled chambers

This is an interesting variation to a spring mattress, using air instead of springs to provide the support. The mattress has a network of chambers filled with air and covered with a layer of foam. It is typically useful to provide support for bedfast patients with spinal cord injuries. You can adjust firmness by adjusting the amount of air in specific areas for optimal comfort whenever you want, which can help prevent bedsores. Choose one with multiple chambers to keep it from popping on one side when you sit on the other side. This technology is also available as a mattress topper.

Different mattress types can work for all types of sleepers. Choosing the right one depends on your particular needs. You should have the best mattress for you at home and in your motorhome.

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