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Timber shutters

New Home, Old House: Care Tips for Timber Shutters in Second-hand Properties

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It’s inevitable that you’ll inherit the problems that come with a used house if you bought directly from the previous owners. Some of them don’t even mind selling the property for a much lower as long as they don’t have to spend more on its maintenance and renovation.

For a house like yours with timber shutters, there are a few care tips to help you restore its looks. This task isn’t that complicated and you don’t have to hire professional services to clean it the right way.

Timber shuttersRestoring the Old Window Fitting

With accumulated dust particles sitting on the fitting for a long time, you may have to restore it first before anything else. The air moisture and dirt probably caused grimy sludge on the edges and corners, which doesn’t come off with regular cleaning. There are ways to deal with these kinds of issues.

Once you’ve already restored the window treatments, you now have to keep it in good condition with regular maintenance. The ideal timetable for timber-made products is at least once in every three months or when needed. With proper maintenance, you won’t have to restore the shutters frequently.

Keeping it Clean Longer

Maintain your timber shutters by dusting them off or vacuuming them every day. You can also wipe a mixture of 1/3 white vinegar or lemon juice and 2/3 water with a clean cloth from time to time. In cleaning shutters, wipe the fittings by section and work your way down from the top to efficiently get rid of the dirt.

If you find that dusting is not time efficient for weekly maintenance, you can use a vacuum machine with a small brush on the tip. In applying this technique, you have to close the shutters and vacuum in lateral movement. This is more ideal because there’s a minimal chance that the dust will just escape to the air.

Keeping your old timber shutters dust-free and clean for longer is not a daunting task. Doing this also helps make the house appealing and may add at least two to three years to its lifespan.

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