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Physiotherapy in a Nutshell

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PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy is a health care practice to remedy impairments and help promote function, mobility, and improve quality of life through examination, diagnosis, and physical intervention. Qualified physiotherapists, also known as physical rehabilitation therapists, perform most physiotherapy procedures.

Physiotherapy in Townsville

In Townsville, QLD, physiotherapy has increasingly grown popular. Today patients do not have to get prescriptions from a general practice doctor before they visit a physiotherapist; many go direct to the physiotherapist at the onset of any related medical condition.
With the growing popularity of physiotherapy, it is important for people to know first what physiotherapy involves.

What Physiotherapy Involves

This is a branch of rehabilitative medicine aimed at maintaining, recovering, or improving physical abilities. These medical professionals are have the skills and training to assess a patient’s condition, diagnose the problem, and help the patient understand the problem. Treatment usually takes into account the patient’s lifestyle, activities, and general health.

What Do They Treat, and How?

Physiotherapists help treat problems related to the following

• musculoskeletal – bones, joints and soft tissues
• neuromuscular – the brain and nervous system
• cardiovascular – the heart and blood circulation
• respiratory – the organs that help you breathe, such as the windpipe voice box and lungs

Some of the approaches used by physiotherapists include:

• movement and exercise
• manual therapy techniques
• aquatic therapy – a type of physiotherapy carried out in water
• other techniques – such as heat, cold and acupuncture to help ease pain

Some of the practices involved in physiotherapy include exercise physiology, massages, hot and cold therapy, dry needling, and kinesio-taping. There are other advanced physiotherapy practices such as electrotherapy, interferential therapy, iontophoresis, biofeedback, ultrasound therapy, real time ultrasound therapy, and clinical Pilates.

Physiotherapy Tools

While performing physiotherapy, there are several rehab equipment used. There are special pillows, exercise equipment, braces and supports, tapes, special footwear, clinical Pilates equipment, and other, more commonplace medical devices.

Physiotherapy is a branch or rehabilitative medicine aimed at maintaining, recovering, or improving physical abilities. There are many approaches used in physiotherapy and each is ideal for a particular functionality of the body, and Townsville in Queensland is certainly a place to find the physiotherapists that can cure what ails you.

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