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One Practical Approach to Caring for an Elderly Relative

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Caring For The ElderlyThe population of the elderly people continues to increase, especially in aging countries. Due to better living conditions and widely available medical facilities, people lead healthier lives and survive well into their seventies and eighties.  But, due to their age, they need assistance sometimes even with day to day activities.

The Issues of Healthy Elderly People

  • Many younger people today find the need to combine the demands of rearing their own young family and the need to take care of their own aging parents.  Some people might even have two sets of parents to take care off.
  • Taking care of elderly parents has multiple implications, including financial, practical and emotional aspects as well.
  • Some parents, even if they remain healthy, are already too old to take care of themselves. But, they are also very determined not to surrender their independence.
  • The worst case scenario will be when one of them succumbs to an illness and either passes away or becomes bedridden.

As children, you still want to do the best for your parents. You somehow want them to enjoy life, be secure and continue to maintain their own routine in a pleasant environment. You want them to have company, eat and sleep well and feel loved.

Building an Annex is the Best Option

Well-made granny flats are one of the best practical approaches to this issue. These refer to small but separate living units in the same property as the main house.

  • If you already have one of these units, then your parents can move in there. If not, then you can get one constructed on your property. In the future, when you do not have any use for I,t you can put them up for sale. The government now allows you to sell them.
  • These second dwellings are not costly, as they will be smaller units. But, the important factor is that the residents will be independent.
  • These units will have a kitchen, a bedroom, an attached toilet and the most important of them all, a separate entrance.

These units can be made in such a way that they are elder-friendly, with enough handrails all over the house, anti skid tiles, ramps instead of steps and other features. Your loved ones can move into them and lead their own lives. They will feel more at ease, knowing you live in the primary house on the same property.

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