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Types of Textured Coatings

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TTextured Coatsextured coating comes in a number of varieties and is used for various purposes on numerous surface types. Although this is the case, the choice will always depend on the specific surface you are going to use it on. For example, a particular variety might be more appropriate for use in exterior walls, while some might work best for the ceiling of a home or commercial property.

The popularity of using texture coating in Perth is one that is growing fast. Many home and business owners have taken a liking to it because of how it eliminates the need for a primer. Its application covering drywall joints is another plus. Here’s a quick look at some of the different kinds you should know about:

Premixed Texture

Premixed textured paint is the most common type and comes ready for instant use in a can. It is usually combined with sand and eliminates a lot of work. The paint just needs to be stirred and then applied. This may be used to paint ceilings and makes it more visually appealing. The imperfections on the surface, moreover, are invisible from a distance.

Smooth Texture Paint

Smooth texture paint comes without sand and creates a uniformly smooth texture on the walls. This is usually very thick and heavy, and may require a putty knife or trowel instead of the standard paintbrush or roller. This paint is often applied to get the effect of plaster or stucco.

Self-Mixing Textured Paint

This type of coating comes with a base paint to which textured ingredients of your choice may be added. Sand, again, is the most popular additive mixed with this paint type. It gives you the liberty of creating the specific mixture you want.

Textured paint also comes in other different finishes that resemble traditional paint. This no doubt, gives you the opportunity to explore more options when using them. There are also certain varieties that have a glossy finish like enamel paint as also certain types with the finish of an egg shell. You also get matte or flat finishes. These add to the beauty of your home, too.

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