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Online Marketing…on a Budget?

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Marketing PlanWhen you look at how good marketing strategies pay off, the easy assumption is you will need to spend too much to get the results you want. While this may be the case if you are looking at an advertising strategy that spans months or even years, one campaign will be manageable especially if you know how to budget your finances.

Turning to Experts

A small business might not need to hire a full in-house marketing team when they are just starting out. You can still have an effective strategy with the help of an SEO consultant. Hire someone locally, from anywhere in Salt Lake City, for faster communication and fewer problems when scheduling meetings. You can choose to have the consultant work off-site or have an office set up for them in your firm. The good thing about this is you get their full experience but will not have to pay for the benefits that a full-time employee is entitled to.

Looking for Well-Rounded Individuals

Even a big company will not necessarily have to hire a huge team for their SEO efforts. If you find a handful of people with the skills to match that of a bigger team, you’ll find collaboration to be easier. With face-to-face meetings and fewer people involved in the team, there will be fewer issues that arise from personal differences. There will also be fewer people to onboard.

Hiring Freelances

Certain parts of marketing can be outsourced to freelancers, and you’ll find their flexibility extremely useful especially if they are from a different timezone. For example, letting them keep your social media accounts running while you sleep will help your brand answer queries from worldwide clients faster. One-off projects, such asĀ logo creation, can also be delegated to someone who can get the job done right in time for the start of your day.

Online marketing is not cheap, but it doesn’t have to be over the top either. All you have to do is look at your options.

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