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Too Cool for the Window: Preparing Your Glass Windows for Winter

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Men installing the window for winterWhile the vision of snow will conjure images of bonding close to the fireplace or cups of warm cocoa, the season can bring in the cold that can affect your home in more ways than one. For instance, the accumulation of snow on your roof can cause the structure to collapse (hopefully not). The moisture can induce the growth of moulds and mildews.

The cold can come into your home in ways you do not expect. And when it pervades your home, it can cause some problems and even discomfort among your family members. As such, you need to keep the unnecessary cold at bay. You can do this by fortifying your home’s first line of defence: the windows.

Here are some tips to prepare your windows for the winter:

Inspect and inspect

A few weeks before the first snowfall happens, you might want to have a home inspection to see which parts need improvement. Include the windows in your list. Check the frames, sides, and the sills. If they are broken, these are the spots through which the cold can enter.

Start Resealing

If the problem is not that serious, get your DIY kit and seal the problems right away. Caulk the frames and make sure that the locks are functioning. If you want to add another layer of insulation, you can always put up some drapery or window blinds.

Have them Repaired

There are some problems that your DIY kits and techniques cannot solve. As a solution, you may want to seek the services of a reliable provider of glass repair in North Shore. You can read reviews online or find recommendations from your friends.

These are only some of the things you need to keep in mind when preparing your windows for winter. Before the season officially sets in, give your home another round of inspection one last time.

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