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Pallets: Types, Designs and Uses

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Warehouse Man at WorkPallets are essential materials in every warehouse. Not only do they allow proper organisation of supplies, but they also protect them from natural forces as well as an animal infestation. Typically, it is affixed to a structure and a bottom deck which allows it to be lifted and transported by another equipment more efficiently.

There are different kinds of pallets depending on whether you would use it simply for racking, or for transporting. Familiarize yourself with the various types of pallets and how you can choose the right one for your warehouse needs.

Different types of pallets


This is the most famous type of pallet because of its durability and its affordability. Wooden ones are commonly used for heavy materials. However, over time, they can be prone to shrinking or warping due to moisture.


Plastic pallets are commonly used for air freights because it is light weight. They are starting to rise in popularity because they are easy to maintain and can be re-used a lot of times.


Metal pallets are the heaviest but the most durable ones. They are often used in transporting heavy goods and is preferred by the catering industry due to sanitation purposes. Metal pallets are often used for storage at sea because it can withstand harsh weather and elements.

Other things to consider in choosing a pallet


Aside from the type of materials used, one should also consider the size of pallets to use. The stringer board measures pallets then followed by the pallet width. There are six different pallet sizes recognised by the ISO.


There are two kinds of pallet design, stringer or block. Then standard entry types are identified. These entry types are then distinguished on how many entry points they have for forklifts and pallet trucks to carry them.

Based on these facts, which type of pallet is best suitable for your business use?

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