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house makeover

Pimp Your Windows

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Some people express their creativity through colored window panels. It makes the house pop, and makes people say, “I want to live in a place like that.”Coloring window panels are nice – for beginners.

house makeover

If people really wanted their neighbors to take notice, why not take it a step further and color the glass themselves?

House Makeover

It’s a lot like tinting the windows of a car, except it’s for a house. Why wouldn’t anyone want to do it? Imagine the ability to extend the color scheme or theme of the house even to the windows. It instantly gives a house the character it might sorely be missing. Whether it’s a childlike wonder or muted sophistication, different colored windows can go a long way in letting the world know what kind of people live in that house.

Does the world need a bit of whimsy? Brighten up the neighborhood with bright yellows and greens. Want to make the house look like a ski or forest resort? Darken the windows with some browns. Neighbors will look at a structure – and by extension, the people within – with different eyes.

Functional Makeover

According to Superior Windows & Doors, it is always a good idea to choose a company that keeps the environment in mind while coloring windows. There are different types of window tinting methods available in the market, and the practicality of each depends on the scale of each job. In the spirit of efficiency, many window specialists neglect the impact their process makes on the surrounding environment.

The best window color material that titers can use is water based polyurethane paint. It works as good as any other product without any unnecessary chemicals. In addition, the end film acts as a heat retention device that keeps AC temperatures in, allowing people to save more on their electric bills.

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