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Of Sheds, Storage, and Property Value: The Real Estate Difference

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SamsungThe country has experienced a sudden surge of housing purchases the past few years. Last year’s figures showed a 35% jump from 2012’s numbers, with China being the major driver of property purchases.

So, yes, the property market is quite hot right now, which is why would-be home sellers undertake various improvement projects to increase their property values as much as possible.

Much has been said about the curb appeal of a home and different design hacks to increase your home’s natural charm. Of course, you have to clean your yard to give a good impression. Yes, the concept is important, but it is basic.

A new paint coat, a new garage door, and a new set of kitchen appliances would certainly increase your home’s value, but these things can only do so much. What you should consider is how you use the floor area of your home. Your property’s space, after all, is the most important aspect there is. This is why your top priority when increasing your home value is storage.

Utah Sheds says extra storage space is appealing to many home buyers, mainly because they get to do more with the property and because such an improvement addresses a very basic need. Households commonly face the lack of storage, as people like to keep their valuables with them. Kitchens must be able to store all the spices and cooking equipment necessary, while the garage must have the capacity to hold all power tools and other items. A sizeable shed and a garage work hand-in-hand in providing this extra storage space.

So, to answer the question, yes, sheds do add property value – and they do so at great proportions. An extra space in any home would always be a welcome change, especially when it gives great returns come the time you have to sell the property.

When it comes to real estate, form falls second to function, which is why storage-related improvements matter more than aesthetic touches. Storage improvements can spell thousands of dollars in price difference once you finally sell your home.

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