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Childcare Educator

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Childcare Educator

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Childcare EducatorSometimes, parents need to work longer hours to provide for their family, reducing the time they can spend taking care of the kids. Some have relatives who can look after the children while they’re at work. But, for those who don’t, they can rely on childcare facilities.

Some don’t mind driving the kids to the day-care centre, while others prefer having childcare educators over at their home. In-home childcare providers Nurtured At Home say that such organisations can also provide children basic yet fun education. Before hiring educators, make sure they’re suitable and qualified.

What are the qualifications of a childcare educator?

The first thing you need to see is the license and accreditation of the teacher. You don’t want a stranger to take care of your children who is not a certified professional. This also assures you that the person underwent proper training to provide sufficient care and education.

When, where and for whom did you last work?

Getting applicants through referrals is a logical way to find efficient educators. But, if you can’t find one, it’s practical to ask about their last job. If you can, contact the family or centre they worked for before you. This can give you substantial feedback on the capability of the educators.

Are you a certified CPR or first-aid individual?

You never know what can happen to your children while you are out. That is why it’s best to leave them to someone who knows how to respond to emergency situations. This quality is highly essential in the job, especially if the child has a certain health condition that requires emergency treatment.

How much time are you allotting for teaching?

You have to remember that children don’t just have to play all the time. While you cannot impose strict education yet on such age, it’s still important that the teachers can give a lesson or two. They should somehow engage the children in learning activities.

Safety and efficiency are the top priorities when hiring childcare educators. Through these and other thorough questions, you can be sure your children are in good hands while you’re out.

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