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Plumbing System

Get a Clog-Free Plumbing System Using a Rooter

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Plumbing Services in Salt Lake CityYour home’s plumbing system is used so many times a day, so it is not rare to encounter problems with it from time to time. A very common plumbing issue is a clog, which does not only make it hard to drain and flush water, but can also cause significant damage, in the event that it causes a backup.

There are several ways to correct such issues, one of which is through a rooter service. Salt Lake City has many service providers to help you.

What is a rooter?

It is a type of drain cleaning equipment originally designed to free drains and sewer pipes from clogs caused by tree and plant roots, hence, “rooter.”

Sam Blanc with Milton, his son, invented the first rooter. Its creation came about when they encountered a clogged drain in their Iowa apartment, an incident that made them so upset they just had to clear the blockage by themselves.

Their invention was the basis of another common piece of plumbing equipment, which is now called the plumber’s snake. This drain-clearing device provided a way for such a huge advancement in the plumbing industry, that the word “rooter” stuck. Prior to its invention, consumers had to dig many holes in their yard just to figure out the root cause of their malfunctioning pipes and drainages.

Is a rooter still useful?

Although tree and plant roots wrapping themselves around plumbing components and causing damage to homes are no longer as big a nuisance as they were in the past, they are still a common and huge concern. This is especially true for Salt Lake City homes built several decades ago.

Fortunately, thanks to the improvements done on these machines, they now take less time to completely unclog drains that have accumulated so much debris they are no longer functioning properly. So yes, rooters are still must-have devices for plumbers, as they make the process of clearing drains and sewers faster and easier.

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