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Recycling Oil: 3 Things to Know

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Recycling Oil in PukekoheMany people consider items like tin cans, paper and plastic as the things that are recyclable, but oil is also one of the top materials that can be recycled. You may not know it, but there are a lot of used oil recycling facilities around you. You may probably have one in your neighbourhood. If you’re starting to go down the path of green living, you may want to know these important things about recycling oil:

1. Oil Spills Are the Most Damaging Form of Water Pollution

When a tanker sinks, the effect is devastating and the damage almost irreversible. Just one gallon of oil spilt in the ocean can stay there for thousands of years and destroy marine habitats. So when there is an oil spill, it’s important to clean it up. Same principle goes for oil spilt in any other water body.

2. Recycled Oil Can Power Your Home

One gallon of oil can power a medium-sized home for almost 24 hours. If you have the right equipment at home that can utilise used oil, then you may even save on energy costs and help the environment at the same time.

3. Oil Can Contaminate Drinking Water

One gallon of oil spilt in the right place can contaminate up to a million gallons of water. This water could eventually end up in our faucets. You and your family may end up drinking this water. The less oil we put back into the seas and water systems, the better our chances of staying away from contamination.

There are many people who do-it-yourself the process of changing the oil and even recycle their own oil at home. However, it’s better to look for local resources if you really want to go green.

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