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The Luxury of Less: Different Ways to Control Your Workspace and Your Life

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Clean WorkspaceGenerations before would be astounded by this new notion, but owning less material things are now a symbol of wealth. According to an article published by T Magazine, the new rich now approve of amor vacui, which is the adoration for empty space. Before the globe’s wealthy citizens utilised this trend, the founder of a design website named Graham Hill first learned about the luxury of less. He says that a house filled with stuff made his home and his psyche feel cluttered.

With his belief system in place, he moved into a small apartment to demonstrate that people could live better in a healthier, smarter and smaller place. All he needed was a few essential things to live peacefully, such as a veneer boardroom table for his home office. In return, he got less energy consumption, stress and credit card debt. 

Here’s how you could follow his footsteps and mercilessly de-clutter your startup office: 

Shop Discriminately

When you are out shopping for new furniture for your office or when one of your employees brings you an equipment request, shop discriminately. Even if you see something that sells for a bargain price, it does not mean that you have to purchase it. Techies and shopaholics who always want to get a hold of a trending gadget or a fashion piece must always take a step back. They have to ask themselves if the item can last them for several years and if it will make them truly happy.

If things get stressful and time-consuming, though, then it might be best to get some professional help. With the help of experts in office interior design, you can create a peaceful work environment. 

Go Paperless

You better think twice before clicking the print button or faxing any of your documents. The first step in establishing an environmentally-friendly office is to go paperless. You can easily import huge essential documents using LG’s mouse scanners, Fuji’s sheet-fed scanners or using apps like ScannerPro. For small pieces of critical papers like receipts and business cards, stash them in desk drawers or stuff them in manila envelopes.

Live your life without the stresses involved by giving up some of your worldly possessions. It might seem hard now, but you will find out eventually that none of it really matters. On the other hand, it will actually help in the productivity and financial savings of your company. 

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