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Red Flags to Look Out For or You’ll Get the Wrong SEO Firm

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SEO specialist in BrisbaneWhen choosing an SEO specialist in Brisbane, you should not only do your homework on what to look for, such as qualities, experience, expertise and price. You should also learn more about the qualities that make them the wrong choice for all your search engine optimisation needs.

Fortunately, there are certain red flags that will tell you that you need to find yourself another prospective SEO Firm. Below are just three of them.

Makes Guarantees and Claims of Instant Results

The world of SEO continues to evolve. An example of this is how Google’s algorithmic patterns receive up to or even more than 500 changes every year. This means that your site may have the 10th spot today, but after an update, it may end up on the third page of search engine results pages (SERPs).

While you do want to keep climbing the ladder and get to the first page and in the higher rankings, know that you cannot do this overnight, reminds an expert from Bambrick Media Pty Ltd. So when facing an SEO company making guarantees and claims of instant results, feel free to exit the door and go on to your next option.

Gives “Under-the-Table” Offers for Quick High Ranking Results

These “under-the-table” services for higher ranking results always involve the use of shady strategies like black hat techniques, including spamming, and improper use of link building. When encountering an SEO firm that offers you such services, just say no, otherwise, your website will just end up either receiving penalties or even banning from the search engine providers.

The reason behind SEO specialists being called just that is that they know how exactly how to maximise the use of legitimate strategies that will put their clients’ website on the friendly side of search engines. They never use illicit techniques just to get their customers’ sites in the top spots, because they understand all too well the consequences of doing so.

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