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Road Trip In Perth

Road Trip: Your Car Should be Ready Too

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Road Trip In PerthLooking forward to that road trip you have planned numerous times but always postponed at the last minute? Don’t worry, this time, make sure you plan your trip well so that everything goes well up to the last detail.

One of the important things you have to check before you set off on your long awaited road trip is your car. Check the condition and function of your car so that you won’t encounter any car or engine troubles along the way. Here’s to guide you:

It’s all under the hood

Pop open your hood and submit your car for its regular maintenance. For long road trips, make sure you have your car checked for possible engine problems. Change your oil and fluids such as brake, power steering, transmission and windshield washer fluids. Check the battery, hoses and belts of your car engine to eliminate any possible car trouble during the drive.

Check your rubbers

Look at your tyres for warning signs of any possible problem. Make sure you inflate your tyres using the correct pressure range. Also, check the thread depth, alignment, damage and erosion. Visit tyre shops in Perth, they have professionals who will help you with any tyre and wheel concerns you might have.

Electricals are important too

Before the trip, check if the electrical wirings and machinery of your car are in good working condition. Make sure the horn, turn signals, exterior and interior lights are all functioning properly. These are very important to make your drive as safe as possible.

Tools at the ready

Another important item on your checklist is your emergency light and tools. Be prepared. Before taking a long drive you should know how to change a flat tyre and you can’t do it without your tools. Have an emergency flashlight ready and always charge your phones just in case you might need to call some help or services.

Driving to your fun filled weekend is a great way to recover from the stress of work and school. But make sure that everyone and your car are ready for the trip. So put on your seat belt and drive safely.

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