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6 Creative Ways to Share Your Faith at Work

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Whether you work on a farm or Wall Street, all Christians have a job that requires them to be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That job is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ as a missionary. It may be necessary to be inventive to practice at all times and in all situations.

There is no time, place, or person where bearing witness to your testimony is unsuitable or inappropriate, including the professional environment. However, giving your testimony in the workplace can be difficult.

On the one hand, aggressive evangelizing to professional colleagues can be a deterrent rather than a motivator for others to hear the Gospel. Have you really testified if your strategy has closed the listener’s ears before they’ve even heard your words? It’s important to remember that the goal here is voluntary acceptance, not forced conformity.

Here are five easy ways to incorporate your faith into your work-life so that it becomes a natural part of who you are.

1. Be a Friend to Others

Who knew that being a friend to others might be the first step toward living your faith? Being an attentive friend to those around you reflects Christ’s love and demonstrates to others that you care and value them.

Nothing is more aggravating than attempting to have a serious conversation with a friend who won’t look up from their phone long enough to interact with you. Make a conscious effort to be purposeful in your interactions and to treat others as Jesus did. Your friends will feel God’s love pouring through you if you are genuine and welcoming.

2. Put a Bold, Simple Christian Symbol on Your Desk

The goal of this exercise is to start a conversation about the symbol, which will allow you to share about your faith.

The key is to replace the symbol on a regular basis. People will note the regular changes and inquire about them, providing opportunities to communicate about your Catholic faith.

Aim for something that is plainly Christian but also a little different so that it appeals to a wide range of people.

3. Be a Good Listener

So many voices seem to be speaking in today’s culture and often shouting. Email, text, social media, and the 24-hour news cycle put communication at our fingers at all times.

While social media has improved communication, it has also created the illusion of genuine connection and genuine connections. In reality, Generation Z is the loneliest generation, despite being the most “connected.”

People rarely have the sense of being fully heard.

Commit to slowing down, asking questions, and paying attention to what your colleagues have to say. Listen to comprehend, not only to prepare a response. Allow people to express themselves without being interrupted or judged. When people are heard and understood, they will feel valued and loved!

women giving donations

4. Give, Give, Give!

Our natural impulse is to hold on tight, but the Bible instructs us to give liberally on numerous occasions. Whether it’s money, time, a listening ear, a meal, or something else, becoming a giving person benefits both you and others.

It may sound counterintuitive, but when we give without expecting anything in return, we live out the life-changing Gospel, and people will notice.

5. Start Telling Your Colleagues About Your Church Experiences

Many of us are hesitant to share the specifics of our Sunday mass experience with those who are close to us. But, whether it’s a nugget from your priest’s homily or something else, we may (and should) communicate with coworkers and friends about what moves us at Church.

The idea is to make it basic yet still inspirational. There’s no need to sound sanctimonious; instead, present your ‘Church’ narrative as if it were a story about a weekend getaway or a wonderful movie you saw.

If any of your friends or colleagues want to learn more about Catholic social teaching, then you can encourage them to get enrolled in a one-week course offered by organizations like CAPP-USA.

6. Maintain a Culture of Respect in All Interactions

While you are a Christian, you must understand that not everyone shares your beliefs. You want people to accept you for your convictions, but it has to be mutual, and you will have to display grace and tell people the truth.

If you do things that way, you’ll show others that it’s possible. Even in the middle of conflict, you can have and communicate your convictions while still demonstrating God’s love.

Incorporating your faith into your work life doesn’t have to be difficult. It only takes a willingness to work on your connection with God. Finding a schedule that works for you and sticking to it is important.

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