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travel insurance

Single Travel: Tips for Travelling Alone

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Traveling solo offers a great adventure for the brave-hearted. It boosts your confidence, gives you private time for reflection and self-knowledge, and offers the freedom to make your own decisions. But it also comes with some risks, so it’s important to prepare well. Follow these tips to make your solo travel a success:

travel insurance

Purchase Travel Insurance

Purchase a travel direct insurance policy to safeguard your trip. Travel insurance covers policyholders for insurable events that may occur before or during their trip, such as baggage damage or theft, medical expenses, trip cancellation, and interruption.

Do Your Homework

Visit different travel websites and learn about your destination. Check online travel forums to get in-depth information from locals about safety, and to have your questions answered in an unbiased manner.

Pack Smart

Pack light and make sure all of your important belongings are in your carry-on. Travel insurance policies usually cover lost luggage, but it’s important to secure essentials, such as your identification, cash, and gadgets. In your carry-on, have a complete change of clothes for hot and cold weather, shoes, medication, and personal hygiene products.

Stay Connected

Look for warnings about places you are planning to visit by checking with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Australia. Register that you are travelling abroad so you can be contacted immediately should a crisis arise at home or alerts in the destination escalate. Remember to inform someone you know where you’re going.

When travelling solo, be friendly, but don’t easily trust strangers. Explore different places and try different things to enjoy your trip.

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