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kpop fashion

Spice Up Your Asian Look: K-Pop Fashion Tips For Men

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Before, Asians looked up to Japan for inspiring fashion trends, as the country is popular for their street style. Now, Korea is dominating the world of fashion.

kpop fashion

The Korean wave has made its way all over the world. In today’s generation, Korean fashion is among the most popular trend most teenagers and fashion setters are copying. From cute apparels to unusual hairstyles, the popularity of this distinct style rages on.

Here are some of the rising trends in Korean men’s fashion today:

Nerdy glasses

In South Korea, wearing nerdy eyeglasses has become one of the most prominent accessory trends in the mainstream culture. The key to making nerdy glasses work is to pair it with preppy or colorful outfits. Go for striking details and bold colors.

Colorful jeans

Who says yellow and pink are just for girls? Although tight jeans have been a trend in Kpop men’s clothing over the past years, colorful jeans have started to become widely available. The shoes and top should have the right color combination.


Hooded sweatshirts are easy to wear, comfortable, and come in different styles and colors. This sporty attire is no longer just a simple gym attire. Korean fashion reinvented the hoodie and become such a trendy must-have.

With the growing fashion industry in Korea, it’s not only women who are keeping track of the trends. Most men today are showing a flair for fashion that is distinctly Korean.


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