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dental reimbursement

Increase Rates for Fairer Profits: Negotiating for Higher Reimbursement Rates

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Running your own dental practice lets you be your own boss. But this puts you in the position to meet a range of goals – provide quality dental care while ensuring the prosperity of your clinic. Being part of a Preferred Provider Organization can give you a steady stream of patients. Although this doesn’t ensure that you’ll earn enough income due to then low rates of dental reimbursement.

dental reimbursement

Negotiating with Your PPO Network

A PPO, depending on its regulations, may provide low rates especially in a large network. Negotiate for higher rates that will let you maintain your practice and continue providing affordable care. Consult with your network’s administrator on how you can go about the process.

Keeping the Service Quality Up

Offering a range of high-quality solutions to your patients’ common dental issues enables you to attract more patients to your clinic. This will balance your low rates, but the level of service might suffer due to the increasing load. To avoid this, hire professionals who are willing to join a PPO network. You can refer them to the network, so they can get comprehensive explanations on dental reimbursement concerns.

Consult with dental insurance reimbursement agents so you can negotiate for a good rate. Doing so will help you run a profitable practice.


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